Features in a Laser Printer

Laser printers are a boon to the office set ups and places that need a faster printout of data. There are basically two types of such printers, the monochrome and the colour printers. Monochromes are models that produce black and white prints and are apt for text prints. They are very fast and can produce up to even 500 prints per minute, depending upon the type and capacity. The colour printers are used to print black and white as well as colour printouts, in a short spam of time, but these types of printers are expensive when compared to the other types of printers and the consumables are also expensive. But looking at their speed, it is definitely worth the cost.

There are many features and factors in a laser printer. The first and foremost thing to be looked for is the consumables used in the printer. The cost is one of the main factors in this. The cost of a single paper of printout depends on the total cost of the consumables used divided by the number of pages printed totally. There are few components that have to be periodically altered. This includes the toner cartridge which further has many components in it like the developer unit, fuser, ozone filter etc. This explains the expensive nature of the toner cartridges. In some models, the whole unit has to be changed, whereas in certain printers, the specific components can be changed, which is very cost effective, when compared to the former.

The drum is available inside the toner cartridge, which is coated with a light sensitive material. Due to the wear and tear of this material, the drum has to be periodically replaced. The toner cartridges’ life depends on the quantity of toner that it contains. In a colour model, there are 9 different consumables and all expire at various times, thus making it expensive. Nowadays recycled toners are available in the market. They are quality tested and are also good environment-wise.

Once the correct size and type of printer is chosen, the resolution is the next thing to be taken care of. Resolution is characterised by dpi, that is, dots per inch, and are measured both horizontally and vertically; the more the dpi, the greater the resolution. The standard resolution comes to 600×600. The resolution is also inversely proportional to the speed of the printer. The more the resolution, the lesser the speed, which is characterised by pages per minute or ppm.

Paper handling capacity is another important feature. This capacity is different for different types of papers like A4, A3 etc. Depending upon the specific needs the tray capacity is also to be considered. Compatibility is another feature to be taken care of. It is important to note that not all printers are compatible to both Windows and Apple computers. So that factor has to be checked as well. Nowadays most laser printers come with a USB port to connect to the computer and various other USB devices. With a USB port, the rate of transfer of data is higher. The memory is also another feature to be noted, as they need to have a good memory capacity. This is because the memory capacity is directly proportional to the speed; the more the memory the greater the speed.

Laser printers have quite a lot of uses when compared to the other printers. They are quite fast and very prompt in their work. But since they are expensive, it is better to do a thorough check up before buying one, so that it lasts for quite long.