Get the Best of Laser Printers

The category of printers is well suited for voluminous tasks. Though expensive, laser printers are very fast and are available as monochrome, color and multi-functional types. To suit diverse needs, these printers come in different models like personal, work group and network printer. Unlike ink jet, these generally use toners that cost less than the cartridges in ink jets.

Though the resolution is slightly similar to ink jets (600x600dots per inch – text, 1200x600dpi to 5760x1440dpi – photos) the speed is incredibly faster (20pages per minute) Other features of laser printers include the paper handling mechanism, memory, connectivity, compatibility, etc. Varied sizes of papers and frequency of printing are handled by different types of printers. The higher range includes many options like multiple output trays, staplers, scanner, copier, collator etc. Similar to the computer memory, printers also have a memory of their own and more memory supports printing of heavy graphic laden documents.

PictBridge is a standard that allows connection of a digital camera directly to the printer. This saves all the time taken in downloading pictures. The users generally use these types of printers to give good quality print. When compared with ink jet printers, the laser printers price is relatively high whereas the quality and speed are the best when compared with other types of printers. Basic parts that are available in this printers are corona wire, discharge lamp, fuser, laser scanning unit, toner hopper, photo receptor drum and developer roller are the few to mention.

The main advantage is there is no smearing of ink in the paper after the completion of the printing process. Xerox Printers are available in various models and types based on the need of the user. When compared with the ink jet printers, these are relatively less and the features in these printers are absolutely the best in terms of speed and the picture capability. The advantages of laser are also relatively high when compared with ink jet printers.

The printing output given by these printers is of great quality and the pixels are also of high rate which gives a good clarity of the image. These are the advantages that are available in the laser printers when compared with other types of printers. In terms of maintenance, these types go handy for the users to handle with and are highly recommended for the new users.